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2013 Star Review
I have had a month now of continuous paddling in the new 2013 Star that included 3 world cup events and Gaulley Fest, definitely a great opportunity to try the boat in a number of different environments to see how it performs. To begin with, the boat is 2 inches longer and 2 gallons bigger than the small Rock Star, the boat I paddled for the last year and a half. I had a very easy transition from the small Rockstar to the new Star. I literally jumped in the new Star did my stroke drill warm up and went to the Pigeon hole to practice for the second World cup event. Right away, I was comfortable in the boat. No adjustment to balance in the boat or taking a while to get used to how the boat handled – it was a really easy transition.
The new Star is very stable front to back and side-to-side as a river runner on both big water and more low water technical paddling, and in play features. You spend less time balancing the boat, so you can spend more time concentrating on your moves. The new star handles very well to change direction on a dime or even hitting big crashing waves sideways, backwards, and frontwards. In addition, the new Star is fast both moving through the rapids, catching eddies, and surfing waves. It is easy to boof and keep the bow up. The added volume and change in distribution of volume in the new Star make it an awesome looping, space godzilla boat– it’s easier than ever to get really big air! The hull design feels easier than ever to release on moves like felixes and helixes. The boat does cartwheel well and feels very balanced on its ends. Since the boat is a little bit longer, cartwheeling is reminiscent of throwing the slightly older, longer boats around – it’s a little slower and feels balanced pushing the ends through, but its still pretty darn fast. Did I mention rolling? It is easier than ever too!
The outfitting keeps getting better in these boats too. The Star is more comfortable than ever and the backband – does not move – it stays exactly where you want it to stay! I hope anyone reading gets a chance to try this new boat and enjoy it as much as I have.