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A Few Kayak Cart Tips

Getting a kayak cart can be a liberating experience, it opens endless possibilities to launch your kayak, it can also be the source of great frustration. You have to remember, haste makes waste! When it’s hot and the sun is beating down on you it is easy to slop the cart on and fight it all the way back to the car. Take the time to center the cart, lay the straps flat, and I like to run them through the handles to keep the cart from sliding back on rough terrain.
Here is an example of what not to do. I had been in my Cuda for 12 hrs, the mercury was pushing 100, and I found a small drop off to allow me to throw the cart under the rear and strap it on. I was so proud I took a picture. Five minutes later, I was cussing all and sweating bullets. If I had taken the time unload and set the boat on the cart properly, I would have made it back to my car and have been sitting in the Jesus breath sooner.

Below is a good example of what to do. The boat is centered, the straps are through the handle, and I could lift and pull the boat with literally one finger on this nice path. I could have easily crossed rougher terrain with this set up.

If I was going to be bushwhacking, would have stowed my rods and paddle inside of my boat. My cart fits inside both the Cuda 14 and the Coosa. When the Cuda 14 is centered on the cart its wide, flat bottom (I’ll leave that alone) does not allow for a lot of surface contact. It is crucial to strap it on tight.
Get a cart or build one yourself, your back will thank you. The fish won’t!