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  I have been fishing out of my Big Tuna in the solo mode for a while now and absolutely enjoy the spaciousness and stability of it when fishing my favorite inshore areas.  This past weekend I finally made good on a promise to take my daughter out for some fishing.  Instead of hauling two kayaks out there, we loaded the Big Tuna for a more personal trip. 

  Even with two paddlers and all our gear, we had ample room in the Big Tuna.  We paddled across some strong tidal flow with no problems and started fishing some upper tide grass points.  After only managing a few smaller trout on artificial lures, we ventured into a tidal creek where a couple of yak fishermen were playing with some juvenile tarpon.  We beached our kayak, ate some breakfast, and strolled on the barrier island beach front. 

As high tide peaked, we decided to travel back behind another barrier island and find some flooded spartina grass, in search of some tailing redfish.  Just as we hoped, the redfish were there and feeding aggressively.  We saw up to 10 different fish while I stood and poled my way through the sparse grass flat.  My daughter really liked the close up views of the redfish dorsal fins and tails protruding from the water.  She saw one tail that was more than likely attached to a 30+” redfish.  The redfish didn’t feed in a predictable manner, they changed directions more often and fed faster than normal.  We had one lure grab and run, but the red didn’t have the hook and it soon came off.  As the tide began to fall we left the grass and went back to the grass points and oyster structure.  We soon found some trout and kept a couple for dinner.

We loaded back up and met some other kayak anglers for lunch.  My daughter expressed that she had a great time, was totally comfortable, and loved the time spent on the water and with her Dad.  I am blessed!

Trey Leggett