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Canadian Team Trials

Before the chaos of the World Cup, and in anticipation of the 2013 Freestyle Kayaking World Championship, the Canadian Team Trials were held August 17th – 19th at Earl’s Hole on the Gull River.


I had never been to the Gull and had no idea what to expect. But I was happily surprised when I arrived. Neal and Lauren of AO/Boatwerks (THE boater’s shop in the area) put on a great competition. With the help of the upstream dam, the levels were guaranteed and the feature was a rowdy hole that gave up huge air and precise tricks. You couldn’t be sloppy at Earl’s. The tall foam pile, curling shoulder and fast pace meant you had to be on your game. Tired arms were rewarded with big wathunks and flushes past the eddy.




1.       K-1 Men’s gold medalist, Adam Chappel busting out huge air and great combos.

2.       K-1 Women’s silver medalist, Cheryl MacGregor having a high scoring ride in the finals that put me on my toes.

3.       Billy Harris holding his own for the ‘dad’ category.

4.       Beautiful riverside camping with old friends (and I mean really old, most of these people dated back to my paddling beginnings – it was awesome!).

5.       Watching the juniors, the upcoming generation and their love of the sport (this inspires me every time!).

6.       Post event ladies paddle – sweet!!!

7.       Cool outdoor shower

8.       Home cooked meals for the athletes!!!

9.       Campfires with marshmallows

10.   Hiking trails and slackline for when the water was turned off for the day


(T) – Canadian Team Member  (A) – Canadian Team Alternate   (INT) – International athlete not on team


Sr. Women
1- Ruth Ebens – Rock Star S
2- Cheryl McGregor – All Star
3- Annie Pier Marchand – Rock Star S
4- Jessica Droujko – Rock Star M
5- Brenna Kelly – Blisstick


Sr. Mens
1- Adam Chapell – Rock Star M
2- Billy Harris – Rock Star L
3- Tyler Curtis – Wave Sport
4- Joel Kowalski – Rock Star L
5- Brandon Fasan – Rock Star M

Jr. Women Finals
1- Sidney Nixon (T) – Jackson Boat
2- Emily Zwanenburg (T) – Jackson Boat

Jr. Men Finals
1- Max Karllson (INT) – Rock Star S (international not on team)
2- Zach Zwanenburg (T) – Rock Star S
3-Lane De Meulenaere (INT) – Rock Star S (international not on team)
4- Jonathan Boily (T) – Rock Star S
5- Kalem Kennedy (T) – Rock Star S
6- Quintin Kennedy (A) – Rock Star S

C1 Finals
1- Jamie Pope – 261.67 pts (T)
2- Paul Danks – 150.00 pts (T)
3- Vincent Dupont (A)
4- Francois Bergeron Proulx
5- Ben Brisbourne
6- Ian Pinchin

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