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While others are waiting in line for a table, getting their seats kicked by the kids behind them in the movie theater, or circling the parking lot trying to find a space, we kick back and enjoy the serenity of being on the water as the sun sets on the horizon and the gentle breeze blows in your hair. The only interruption to this romantic interlude is your drag screaming and the God awful smell of Gulp, ProCure and/or dead bait.

There is nothing better than ending a busy work week than being with my husband on the water. You don’t see too many boats out on a Friday evening so you practically have the whole area to yourself and the truth of the matter is, even if they were there, being in your Cuda means you can go where they can’t so you have an escape. I’m so impressed with the speed of the Cuda not to mention how comfortable it is to fish in. I never feel “closed in” or lacking for space.

Sign me up for getting slimed on a Friday night! Oh, and my date was on fire — I think he and the Cuda are keepers! 🙂