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With the last few months of summer looming upon us, Mother Nature has not given up her relentless grasp just yet. With mornings feeling more like an ascent at the summit of Mt. Everast leaving one gasping for air, mid day has brought punishing temperatures that could only be compared to the most hostile places in our solar system. Combined the weather with grueling paddles, endless miles of poling and lighting storms that could only be compared to science fiction movie “War of the worlds” and you begin to wonder what draws fisherman to this inhospitable world.]

Florissant copper tails waving for your attention, silver giants roaming the deserts, witty silver and gold body’s sitting poised ready to spring on the unsuspecting, ancient dinosaurs basking in the sun observing their surroundings. This “Land of the Lost” is none other than Flamingo, Everglades’s national park.
I have had the enjoyment of fishing the park numerous times this summer with my Buddy Dan Decibel looking for the adrenaline rush of sight casting for countless species of game fish that prowl that park waters. Tarpon, reds, snook and black drum have been abundant in the park.