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We had the opportunity this past weekend to pack up the car, load up the boats and head to Indian Lake State Park in Lakeview, Ohio. I have never really heard of Indian Lake before and if it had not been for a good friend of ours it would still be a mystery to me.

We headed out early Saturday morning with a few play boats for flat water fun and 2 Riviera’s from our good friends at Loveland Canoe and Kayak. With 5 boats, all 3 kids and my wife in the car we were ready to go. Indian Lake is an Ohio State Park which allows anything from kayaks to motor boats and just about everything in between. This lake is not very deep at all, in most places you can stand without any problems which makes it great for the kids.

Although play boating was fun, I think the best part of this trip was paddling the Riviera’s. To be honest, I have only really paddled this boat once or twice before but not for very long. This weekend I got to really paddle it in both calm water as well as riding the wakes from the motor boats and I must say, this boat is next on my list of what I want to add to our fleet. Not only is it super comfortable and stable but it tracks like your being pulled by a rope. Even in the choppy water we had no problems at all. The boat is great for taking smaller kids out too with plenty of room and amazing stability. I can’t wait to try this sit on top in some class two whitewater just to mix things up a bit.

If you have never tried the Riviera I highly recommend you do! Such a fun boat, everyone had a blast paddling them. If you are ever in the Cincinnati, Ohio area and want to try one out I recommend you call Loveland Canoe and Kayakand take one out on the Little Miami River. Not only are they a great Livery and Outfitter they will treat you like family, 110%!