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I’m sure a lot of folks have already installed a drag chain on the Coosa but for anyone who hasn’t here’s a quick easy way to get one on your kayak.

What you will need:

· 1 Flexi Brand retractable dog leash, size small

· +/- 1 FT Chain

· +/- 1 FT Piece bike inner tube

· 3 Small zip ties

· Scissors

· Pair of Hemostats’ or Needle nose pliers

Step 1

Pull 1 FT section of inner tube over 1 FT length of chain and tie off end with zip tie.

Step 2

Pull out approximately 3ft of leash cord and set lock to ensure cord doesn’t retract while you’re working.Using Hemostats or needle nose pliers pull out knot from inside leash end and un tie( you could cut end off and tie directly to chain but for a few seconds extra work it makes for a nicer finish) then remove plastic cord end.

Step 3

Run cord through pad eyes of kayak from future leash location to drag chain chute and run cord back through plastic end as well as through exposed end of chain.

Step 4

Pull remaining inner tube over chain and plastic cord end then tie off with zip tie.

Step 5

Insert leash into side handle slot on kayak and tie of with zip tie.

Your Drag Chain is now complete and ready to use.


Here is a quick video about the drag chain install.



There can be an inherent danger in using a drag chain in faster water. Drag chains are meant to be used in slack or slow water on river systems to allow for a slower drift on prime fishing spots. Always ensure it is up when in faster water and be sure to keep a fixed blade knife available should you need to cut away from the chain in case of an emergency. Always use caution and sound judgement when choosing the environment in which you’ll be using your drag anchor.

JK Team – Stephen Laurie