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Well the time has come that Yak Attack has released a new product that works very well with the Jackson Cuda!

Gear Track GT90

Gear Track GT90

The gear track GT90 like its original GT175 is a track mounting system for just about any type of RAM or Scotty accessory. The thing that is different about the GT90 is its width. It is 50% narrower so it works very well with all Jackson Fishing Kayaks. My usage will be mainly for gunnel mounted rod holders for trolling.


The install was very simple since the inner hull of the Cuda is easily accessible.




Gear Track GT90

Gear Track GT90 Track Positioning

Just align the track where you would like to install it. Use a center punch to mark the center spot for drilling. You don’t need to use a hammer on the center punch if it is sharp just a push will put a small dent in the plastic. Select a drill bit that when you align it with the screw is smaller so the threads will grab after hole is drilled. Drill the first hole at either end of the track you would prefer to start with. Then tap in 1 screw to hold the track in place.  Align the track centered on the top rail so you will have no interference when putting on the nut and washer. Then center punch the opposite hole drill and set both screws. Tighen down the screw washer and nut. Once this is tight thats where the track is installed.  Drill the remaining holes and tighten everything down.


Here is how it looks after the install!  Cant wait to test it out fishing!








Matt Trucks

Jackson Kayak Fishing Team