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A sweet little edit from the boys over at Boogie Water Productions. Testing the limits of what a sprayskirt can withstand. Marco Collela, Alex Podolak, and Brett Barton go deep into the recesses of one of Chelan Gorge’s gnarlier drops, Meat Locker. Gorge Beasts salivate at the bottom of this deep, boxed in 20 foot ledge drop. It is imperative to keep it together here as a swim will put you in a swarm of evil beasts with some serious down time. Rolling the dice?? Meat Locker just might be your ‘winna winna, chicken dinna!!’ Keep it classy, y’all. Thanks to Boogie Water for the sick flick!
Releases in the Chelan Gorge happen this year, the weekend of Sept 15-16, 2012. These releases are part of an ongoing cooperative agreement between American Whitewater, advocacy group for whitewater kayakers, and the PUD for Chelan county. Lots of work and thousands of man hours have gone toward getting these releases, from all sides. We thank all parties involved including Tom O’keefe from AW, and many others near and far, including local town folk who always greet us kayakers with warm smiles as we ‘relax’ at local watering holes in town during the weekend.
The only way to keep this whitewater opportunity available to.. really, anyone.. is to sign up through Chelan PUD’s website. It takes literally one minute, two if you’re slow, like me. These releases have been 10 years in the making and are a privilege for kayakers as demand necessitates releases; i.e. no demand, no release. So sign up!!
In the meantime… here’s a little somthin’ to get ya fired up!!! SYOTChelan


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