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I’ve had my eye on the Jackson Kayak Coosa since it was first released. After trying other more readily available kayaks, I sold them all and finally got my Coosa. Not just any Coosa though. I ordered a custom color scheme, which part of was later introduced as “kiwi” for the 2013 boats. To my surprise my kayak was in fact a 2013 hul design. The upgrades are awesome and the Jackson innovations are impressive! The Jackson staff (specifically Ian) was more than helpful the whole process. Man I love this boat!

A friend of mine finally did the same and just bought a Black Widow Cuda. We decided to chase redfish in Beaufort, NC last weekend. Such a great place and an amazing paddle. For those sight seeing and observing nature, there’s tons of birds and the occassional dolphins. There are even wild horses on the islands. But the best part is the redfish population. The water is clear, which makes spotting them easy while standing in my Coosa.

It was a great day! Two redfish (and another lost), three flounder, and two lizard fish. My buddy landed a small Red and a huge lizard fish. His girlfriend came along and caught her first of many fish from a kayak. The best part of the day was my over slot redfish. What a fight! The waters off Beaufort, NC never disappoint.