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We got invited to a youth and adult ski day on the river near our home last week. We decided to load up part of our Jackson fleet to take with us. There were several folks that had never been kayaking so it was going to be a fun day for sure. As soon as the boats hit the water they were occupied. One guy that had never sat in a kayak stayed in one of the four boats all day long and had the pleasure of a daddy daughter paddle with his little girl as well. We had a group of ladies out paddling and a husband and wife got to paddle together. All of the first timers did great and every boat was a big hit. It was hard to decide which kayak spent more time in the water, the Ibis, the Cuda or the Coosa’s. We fish so hard sometimes; it was nice to just help others enjoy our passion for paddling. Those who had never paddled before found a new love and those who had paddled before got to see what top of the line kayaks could do in capable hands. The smiles all around told us that we made the right decision on what to take to the river.