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Fishing in Tidewater is hot in the salt and fresh water, here is a
quick update:

We had an awesome day late last month with Heroes on the Water
(HOW) at the Welcome Heroes event in Smithfield. This was the biggest event
that I have been at and it was great. There were lots of volunteers and
activities for the veterans and their families. HOW was in charge of providing
the folks a chance to try kayak fishing. Everybody had a great time and we
caught some nice fish, mostly largemouth bass. Several fish were over 18 in,
but the big fish of the day went to SGT Reyna who caught a 22in release VA
citation. He said he had not fished in years, but he plans on fishing a lot
now.  Here is a link to a video about the day.

On the salt water it is “Slam Time.”  A fall slam on the
Chesapeake Bay is a Speckled Trout, a Flounder and a Red Drum.  Fishing for all three species is hot right
now.  All three are hitting on jigs and live bait.  Specks and reds are also
hitting top water.  My Dad and I recently had a good catch of all three species and brought home a few flounder for dinner.
The slam bite should last through October and then Striped Bass will be the target species.

This will be my first Striper season in the Cuda and I can’t wait to hit the local bridge tunnels.