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Recently, Creek Siders paddled one of the prettiest rivers around, the Ohanepecosh. The Ohane is a summertime classic I try and hit every year. Uber clean water flows out of Mt Rainier Nat’l Park and down through the Ohane gorges. So clean and tasty, I usually don’t even bring a water bottle.
WA is such an incredible place for whitewater. Good thing the economy sucks, otherwise I’d have to work all the time! Been fooling around with a new camera this year. Here’s a little eye candy. Good times, y’all.
babooom                                    Fish pic
Joni Randall at the get in

The Ohanepecosh starts at Secret Camp, just a hundred yards from the Park boundary. In 2006 a massive flood altered the river significantly and deposited an extremely large amount of old growth in the upper canyons. Secret Camp is about halfway through the original run, but still offers plenty of high quiality drops. If you know the run, or know Jedi mind tricks you don’t have to get out of your boat.

Jess Matheson makin’ it look goood
Ellie Wheat charges a tight slot



clean water all the way to the get out
Fish lines up at Butcher’s Block. Lower Triple in the background


Fish pic
POW!!! Fish pic
Scott Waidelich, takin’ it in









Ellie and Jess









Ellie at Elbow Room, elbows in tact!
bottom of Elbow Room
Daan Jimmink expressing thoughts between laps on Ohane Falls



the Ohanepecosh has lots of potholes




Jess in the ‘pothole’ above Ohane Falls proper


this little pothole can get juicy


and will beat your ASS!
…until you swim


you keep your shit together
Ellie goes deep and keeps it together
Daan is very good at boofing


crankin’ that shit out!!



Daan likes settin’er down easy                       Fish pic
boofing with a Blunt Family Paddle                   Fish pic
… is so nice                            Fish pic
Ellie runs right at Ohane Falls                        Fish pic
Joni likes the Ohane                               Fish pic
yours truly                                      Fish pic
Jess Fish pic






summa time, an livin’s e z
Fish pic
secret camp
woodsy goods
Daan: Ohane is brizz-own

Well, another chapter has come to an end here at Creek Sides theater. Hope you enjoyed the show. Til next time, y’all. Thanks for stopping by.


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