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Nearly everyone has a photo of themselves as a kid holding their first fish. Many have thousands of those photos collected over a lifetime. The addiction of hooking fish is equal to only one other of my pastimes, riding waves. The incredible sensation you get standing on a board, planing across the water is one I have chased for 25 years.
And now, as the saying goes, it has all come full circle.

Over the past year I have been working with kayak and board designer Tony Lee on a stand up paddle board that has already begun to revitalize and revolutionize both SUP and fishing markets. The SUPerFISHal is the most perfect water worthy, fish slaying rig I have ever stepped foot on. And now after 12 months of pursuing fish around the countries water ways, it’s heading out to our Jackson dealers for everyone to take out and stand where they can.

The idea for the board is simple. Create a super stable, durable, affordable and versatile SUP that would give it’s paddler the ability to quickly and easily access a variety of conditions to catch fish. The SUPerFISHal exceeds in every category.

So let’s start with stability. At 8 inches thick and 36 inches wide it is made to be the most sure footed and tip resistant ride you have ever paddled. The thickness along with the high sidewall, forgiving edge and recessed deck ensure that anyone will feel comfortable standing, turning around, bending over and even hoping up on the cooler to cast farther or spot fish (yeah, an SUP with a cooler! We will get to that)
Take along your kids for some bonding time or your bird dog for fall duck hunts. This is the board that will afford endless opportunities to recreate.

Durability was next and anyone that knows Jackson’s kayaks is well aware they make em’ tough down there in Tennessee. Their whitewater boats have been handling rock bashing and waterfalls for years. Constructed from the same plastic as their creek boats, this is a board that will tolerate punishment and handle abusive conditions unlike any other. Impacts that would put composite boards in the graveyard or fold an inflatable in half will have a tough time even scratching the surface of this one. It is the toughest material in the industry and will ensure many years of use.

And now for my favorite, versatility. Here are just a few ideas for adventures. Fish kelp beds for striped bass, the mangroves for snook, access remote untouched stretches of rivers to nab trout, spearfish halibut on the coast or get back into the flats to crush redfish. Load up some camping gear and float the intercoastal waterway while fishing every nook and cranny, then pull up and spend the night under the stars. Pile on the dog for a cruise on the lake while hooking large mouth. Or take your kid along to reel in small snapper on the other side of the inlet. This board will make it a reality, you just have to dream it up! And while the board is ready to tow several hundred pounds of gear, we took it a step further by teaming up with RAM to offer even more options. Pole holders, GPS mounts, GoPro locations, paddle holders and much more. With recessed screw fittings situated throughout the deck we are empowering the paddler to kit it up just the way they want it and when the mission is complete, strip it down to the basics and take out for an afternoon paddle. And with two extra grab handles strategically located toward the stern you can now not only take along beverages, but take along the cooler! And if your cooler has wheels, so does your board. Set the cooler on the ground, put the board on top and strap it and now you can roll it to the beach. Once there put it on the deck, strap it down and you have not only a place to keep stuff cold but also to sit on or stand on top of.

The SUPerFISHal is a dream come true for paddlers that want more options and to spend less money. Working with Tony Lee and Jackson Kayaks on this project made it even better and knowing that they are 100% American made makes me even prouder. There is no doubt this board will inspire you to get out on the water more often and create your own adventures.