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My name is Anjeli. I work at an Adventure Camp in the heart of mountainous western Montana. One of my jobs there is to teach whitewater kayaking, to both campers and new staff. My favourite thing about teaching this sport is the opportunity for people of all ages to have a new experience. The excitement in a 14 year-old boy’s eyes before he descends his first rapid, when he truly feels in the danger zone, pushing the limits of his strength and courage, it is a true, heart-felt feeling. When a child paddling a 1 1/2 Fun catches an eddy line, and has to fight to remain upright, then comes out unscathed with new found confidence, is inspiring to witness. The adult struggling through personal issues that finds renewal somewhere in between the shore and the waves, blesses me. Kayaking has stretched my limits, challenging me both mentally and physically. I would dare to say that anyone who is willing to endure the sun, cold, neoprene smell, half-asleep feet, and that funny voice made through nose-plugs, will be rewarded with more than enough wonderful moments. When you truly feel alive and one with yourself, it more than compensates. I’m Anjeli, and I like adventure. That’s my story.