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No road access + no hiking trails + no cell phone service + no electricity = no problem. Me and my paddle partner were on our own. The location is paddle-in only, just over eight miles one-way. After the sun set, the Milky Way and thousands of stars painted the darkened sky. Shooting stars appearing randomly, quickly disappearing. Space vehicles were passing overhead from all directions. Everything in the night sky was very easy to see, as there was no light interference from the ground and clear skies. Fish were feeding on insects. Coyotes howling. Barred Owls hooting. Unidentified animals moving through the woods. Well into the night, something was walking along the bank, in the water. Then it came back! Couldn’t spot the “creature” with a light … after getting the courage to get up and look. Then we were awakened by a tree that came crashing down, despite having calm wind, and it was loud. The overnight trip was definitely awesome. My Journey performed flawlessly, and I’m patiently looking forward to the next adventure.