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Brooks Beatty and I recently got in some 2013 Jackson boats and we just had to take them out!  We already made a couple trips in the new Cuda 12, but it was time to check out the latest improvements to the Big Tuna and Cuda 14.  So, we hit a local river with our friend Dan that rocks a 2011 Coosa so we had three different Jackson models on the water.  This area is mainly flat water with current so all the Jackson models were able to get the job done well as we started castin for bass!

Brooks loved the Big Tuna in the new Limon color, making him much more visible on the water.


Brooks made good use of the scooped out top side of the rod tip protector which doubles as a paddle stager.  He also enjoyed the new curved seat back and the RAM and new GoPro mounts are a nice touch as well, even though he didn’t use them much on this trip.  I was able to put them to more use on the new 2014 Cuda, however.  The Big Tuna will come with RAM rod holders as well.  We also changed the handles to a solid (non-fabric covered) handle to make sure those hooks don’t get snagged on it.

The Cuda 14 also sports the new curved seat back, RAM and GoPro mounts already installed and 3 RAM rod holders included (two rocket launchers and one universal 2007 holder).  There are also the new color schemes and the new rod tip protector that, on the top side, doubles as a paddle stager is also included.

After a little texting on the water with my LifeProof case + life jacket I decided to finally get to fishing!   It took a while, but by dark I was able to score a nice largemouth bass on a Z-MAN Chatterbait.  I know we all had a blast and it was a great way to spend an evening and I know we all can’t wait to do it again!

The 2013 boats are better than ever and all of the modifications definitely made the time on the water a little more enjoyable/comfortable.  I love the new GoPro mounts and soon I’ll have to do a video showing these cool changes on the 2013 Cuda 14s, Coosas and the Big Tuna.