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Cali Burn Fest is an annual river festival and race on the Burnt Ranch section of the Trinity River in Northern California, put on by Paul Gamache. This event is always tons of fun and I try to make it up for the festival whenever I can.

The race itself is always fun to compete in because it’s a mass start and there’s always something different to keep you on your toes. This year, the racers all lined up across the river facing upstream. When the race started, each racer had to execute a roll before turning around and paddling downstream. Paul also set up an upstream gate this year so that the paddlers all had to catch an eddy to get around the gate while trying not to get spun out by incoming paddlers.
The race ends at falls #2 as you hit the hole. So if you hit the hole and end up swimming, as always happens to a few during the race, your time has officially ended. At this point, the run is about half over and everyone paddles down the rest of the run together, catching up with old friends and making new ones.
After the day of boating is over, everyone heads over to the campsite for free camping and a great party. This year, there was a great bonfire, free beer, and amazing raffle prizes. Thanks to Paul and everyone who made this event a success and I plan on coming back next year! ~Diane Gaydos

Short boat – Women’s
1. Diane Gaydos
2. Christy Eastman
3. Victoria Anweiler

Short boat – Men’s
1. David Maurier
2. Alex Wolfgram
3. Andrew McCauley

Long boat – Men’s
1. Darren Albright
2. Nick Murphy
3. Alex Herr