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I recently had the opportunity to paddle the new Cuda 12. When I pulled up in the driveway and saw the new desert camouflage on the kayak my heart skipped a beat! I could not wait to get that kayak on the water.

That desert camouflage looked so great on the water! As soon as I started paddling it, I was hooked. I found that even though shorter, there was no sacrifice of any stability and very little in speed. The Cuda 12 is a bit more maneuverable than its big brother the Cuda 14 and that is the most noticeable difference. I really got to check that out from the flat water of the river to the turbulent water below the hydro dam. The Cuda 12 is also as good as the Cuda 14 at fishing and the addition of the new ram mount rocket launchers will be great on both.

I stood in the Cuda 12 for a long time sight fishing and it worked very well. With the ram rod holders, reaching down to change rods was extremely easy. There is also one little advantage of the Cuda 12 and that is the fact that it can fit in the back of most standard truck beds without having to have a bed extender. The new Cuda 12 is an outstanding kayak and the new camouflages are really great!