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Gauley festival has come and gone and I have finally had a chance to sort through the video footage. On the Saturday of the festival weekend I had the privilege to guide a bunch of first timers down the lower Gauley for their first time. For this job the Fun Runner was just what the doctor ordered. Not only was I able to zip around to help out everyone, but my play was not compromised in any way. I just played a bit different in a few locations than I would have in a super star. Especially when we were at diagonal ledges this was an asset! I was able to avoid the line by surfing the wave upstream due to the extra speed of the fun runner. On Sunday I was able to get the Fun Runner on the upper and it did not disappoint. I have waited to take this boat on the upper since day one, and the blunts on insignificant wave along with the smooth fast lines were exactly what I wanted. I love this boat.
Later ; Colin
Team JK