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You know how you go to those restaurants that serve dinner “family style” – where you get platters and then you just pass the platters around so everyone can share? Well, that’s exactly how this weekend played out when my cousins came to visit. Now, these aren’t new fishermen, no these fishermen travel from Louisiana and Southwest Florida a few times a year to fish tournaments and just generally hang out with family and catch some fish. So when these “other” kayak owners saw our new Jacksons, well, we had a full-on “family style” fishing weekend.

Cousin Alfie was the first to try out the 2013 Cuda 14. Alfie was very impressed with the center storage compartment where he could store his rods for surf launches or when he travels with his kayak to fishing tournaments and to explore new places. Ditto those sentiments for the rod tip holders – nice way to protect those rods on trips. Alfie put the Cuda through her paces paddling her all day and sight fishing while standing and all that work paid off with this 29″ red fish (one of many fish for Alfie).

The next day cousin Britt called dibs on the Cuda since his own kayak isn’t the most comfortable for his 6’3″ frame and he claimed he “needed” the comfortable seat in the Cuda for another all-day fishing trip. Britt was very pleased with all the lap room and feeling of openness in the cockpit of the Cuda. He also commented on the Cuda’s speed and how well she trekked. Obviously, the Cuda has some great mojo too since Britt pulled in a couple of reds during his turn in the Cuda as well.

I hope the cousins aren’t too disappointed if during their next trip to Jacksonville, Melita claims her own kayak back and they have to go find their own mojo!