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n the world of expedition kayaking, weight can mean the world. Packed for an overnight trip, my 41lb Villain S now weighs the same as the average creek boat on the market. That means that even with all my gear, performance remains high and the whole load is easier not only to paddle, but also for hiking and portaging, two of the toughest parts of expeditions.

Somehow Jackson keeps the weight light, even while including the safest bulkhead in the business. Exploring is in many ways a game of estimates. Sometimes those estimates are wrong. In the following video I was wrong about the depth of the pool at the bottom of the waterfall, as you can clearly see in minute 1.5. Amazingly I walked away from that day with just a skinned knee. Without the break-away Jackson bulkhead it would have been the end of the trip. Instead I got to enjoy another two weeks of kayaking in Japan.

Thank you Jackson for making the lightest creek boat while still managing to put in exceptional safety features!