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I live, work, and surf near the Salmon River in Riggins, Idaho (elev. 1821 feet). This makes it my home river. I wanted to share our season and ask others about their home rivers. How many months can you boat, what is the average air temperature, how many sunny days, & what type of boating is your home run? Feel free to add anything additional that makes your home river unique. I hope to hear from a lot of you and hope to boat on your home river! I’d love to have you come join me on my home river too!

Salmon River is free flowing and has runnable flows year round but has 9 months of comfortable boating. Sometimes in the winter it will freeze over.

Average air temperature by month-
March 57
April 66
May 74
June 82
July 92
Aug. 92
Sept. 82
Oct. 68
Nov. 51

Sunny Days: 171

We have 12 different surf waves that are park and play depending on the level. There is almost a wave at every level. In addition, the town stretch is a Class III pool and drop run.

You can fish, hunt, and surf all from the same free campsite along the river.
The Salmon is completely contained within the sate of Idaho.