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2013 Super Star Review
I finally got out on the water and was able to evaluate the new 2013 Super Star. We have heard from EJ, Clay and Nick how awesome of a play boat the 2013 Star is, so I am going to talk about it as a river runner.

We all know the Fun series has been the boat to get if you want the ultimate river runner that can play also. There is a new contender! In the past I have encouraged newer boaters to develop their basic skills in the Fun before jumping into a full-on play boat. With the new 2013 Stars I am going to have to rethink my logic and advice. It is so forgiving! I hate to use the word soft because it can be interpreted as a negative, but that’s not the case here. When I say soft I mean smooth, not grabby and forgiving. When you stick the boat in a hole at any angle there is almost no grabbing — it just is smooth, soft and forgiving.(It’s a great thing!)

Dropping into a hole, it is the easiest boat that I have ever been in, to control. When you’re going down river and want to run though a hole you can slide right through without being slapped down or the nose burying in (again forgiving). For the past year, my play boat and main river runner has been the Rock Star. I love the corky feel and as I said in my review it is just plain fun. It would go anywhere you wanted on the river, just not in a straight line getting there! And it definitely was not a beginner boat. The new Star has somewhat the same feel but is so much faster and tracks great.

The 2013 Stars do have a different feel than I am use to. In the Rock Star I sat much higher, which took a bit to get used to. The new edition now puts us back to the lower position. I love the new backband; it has a very solid feel and stays in place better. The new seat adjustment is a big improvement, and will not slide when you don’t want it to because you forgot to tighten the screw.

Let’s talk about rolling. It is the easiest boat to roll I have ever been in, hands down! I am blown away how closely it resembles the Rock Star, but how differently it performs. The new Stars combine the best of the Fun, Star and Rock Star, to be one great all around river and play boat. Demo one–you will love it.

Andy Graham