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I am extremely impulsive and not very good at planning ahead. As soon as I got enough money I bought a ticket to Mexico. I had no idea if anyone was going, where to go in Mexico, and how to get there. I hope this information helps the next dummy who books a flight without any information.
First thing about getting to Mexico is where in Mexico are you going? Two of the most popular creeking capitals in Mexico are Veracruz and Chiapas. I am going to give directions to Veracruz.

Getting There…

You will want to fly into Mexico City. It is a good ways away from where you want to go but it is much cheaper to fly into Mexico City. Once in Mexico City you will want to know where you are staying. Most kayaker’s stay at Aventurec witch is located in Tlapacoyan. Tlapacoyan is about two hours away from the City of Veracruz and is the heart of the Veracruz creeking. Depending on how long you are staying you can either rent a car in Mexico City then drive yourself there. If you are not renting a car or wish to rent from a place close to you, you can take a bus. For the bus you will want to take a bus from the airport to TOPA witch is the city’s main bus station. From there you take a bus to Tlapacoyan. Aventurec is about 2.5 miles out of town from Tlapacoyan. It is easiest to have someone from Aventurec pick you up from the bus station witch will be cheap. Just get there number and call them when you get in.

How much debt will I be in at the end of the trip?

None at all Mexico is cheap. The current exchange rate is 1 U.S. dollar to 12.82 Mexican Pesos. If you are staying at Aventurec they offer cabañas, hostels, and camping. I will be staying there for about 2 months and they are charging 2 of us 30 pesos each per night to stay in a hostel that has 5 beds witch is about $2.50 in U.S. For food Aventurec charges us about $4 U.S. for a huge to big to eat breakfast that lasts us all they was till dinner. If you have 3 or 4 people then rent a car that you can fit lots of boats on. If you are alone or with one other person then they have a shuttle. You have to pay for gas witch is just under a U.S. dollar for 1 liter.

Packing your kayak.

Before you start discussing your kayak and bribing the airlines to let you get it on check the baggage restrictions. There are plenty of airlines that allow kayaks if they fit the dimensions. If you check and they have a kayak band or you cant take it on a certain section of your flight its time to get creative. There are many ways to get kayaks on flights with varying levels of honesty and creativity. Personally I try as hard as I can to do it as honest as possible because it usually ends up coming back at me when I am not honest.

Here are some ways that you can get boats on flights they are not supposed to be on. First off show up very early there is a chance that there will not be a lot of baggage on the plane yet and they wont care at all if it’s too big. Second is to make your boat not visible and hard to open up. For example buy a cheap tarp warp your boat in it, duct tape it up real good and put a cam strap on it so it is easy for them to carry. Third is to just not mention it is a kayak talk and make it seem like it is really important that it gets on the plane. Talk about how excited for your trip. Last resort is labeling it as something other than a kayak. As I said this does not mean your getting it on and can just make them angry.
In my case I had a villain S witch fit the dimensions but they did not let boats on express flights and my first flight was an express flight. I wrapped it in a tarp and showed up 3 hours early and didn’t mention it was a kayak. Turns out they had plenty of room and even gave me a discount because I am so pretty.