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The happy seat is hands down my favorite JK accessory. The amount of additional control it gives you in any boat is amazing. I have one in my Superstar as well as my Fun Runner. With the continual improvement of the JK boat armor outfitting the original way to attach the leading edge of the happy seat has changed. The team of Brad Sisco, Damon Bungard, and John Rose have come up with a new attachment method that is even more solid that the original, since it stops fore and aft movement of the lash point. You will find a new piece of tubing in your happy seat packaging. That is intended to be driven through the bow wall as low to the support beam as possible. I found that the right angle between the vertical “U” channel on the bow wall and the beam was a great guide. Simply take a long screw driver and pass it through the wall. Once through the wall insert the driver tip into the tube, and pull them back through the wall together. Tie the accessory cord to one of the grommets, pass it through the tube, and tie the free end off to the other grommet. Once you have that done apply the Velcro under the eat pad and you are fully installed. In the photos you may notice that the rope on my happy seat is passing through a ball point pen. That was simply the trial run, since I am still using my very first happy seat that has been passed from each generation of JK play boat since we starting the company.

Later ; Colin
Team JK