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“How not to land a fish from a kayak” would also be appropriate.

After breaking a rod while netting a fish during my last trip I turned to the video I took of the trip for answers. It was pretty obvious in the video what I did wrong, in real time though it happened so fast I had no idea what I did wrong. In the video I actually was landing the fish the right way at first, then he made another run, and I switched up my grip for more leverage, but it was a bad idea. I put the rod grip on my chest and stuck the rod vertical, essentially “high sticking” the fish, as I made one last push beyond vertical to get him in the net, the rod broke. What I should have done, which I initially was doing, was to throw the rod behind my head and begin raising my rod toward vertical as I stuck out the net in the other hand. This protects that rod tip from bending at an angle it doesn’t like. I read an article on American Angler magazine online that may better explain this, it does refer to fly rods, but the concept is the same with spinning and casting rods. Check it out here: Also check out the video below, you may have to pause or watch it a few times to read the captions: