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As the JK educationl guy I always love to hear back from a program after their first season using JK boats. Here is what Calvin Craner had to say.

As the Aquatics Director at a camp that hosts 3 day trips on the Salmon River near North Fork, Idaho, I was over enthused when I saw the news that Jackson was making a new river running boat. Those that come up to our camp usually have very little to no paddling experience. I had just bought my first Jackson playboat that elevated my tricks a couple notches up from my last playboat and knew I wanted to give the new Fun Runner a shot for our camp guests. All throughout the summer the staff repeatedly chose to fit a guest in a Fun Runner before any other boat for a few good reasons. They were easy to change to different sizes of people. No bolts or foot pegs to move, just a tug on a couple ropes gets you situated for a comfy snug fit for the river. The Fun Runners are also light weight which makes them easier to pick up, carry, and load onto the trailer day after day. And finally one of the best reasons to go with the Fun Runner was performance. They were fast and stable that made it more f un and enjoyable to learn how to paddle. We found that those that were in a Fun Runner were consistently upright longer through more rapids than those that had to be fitted to the other boats. Thank you Jackson for a great summer. I wonder how the Zen would do…

Photo by Tyson
Paddler Bethlyn (Buffy) in a Fun Runner 60