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My 2012 year video highlighting how much fun I have had!

My 2012

Hounds Tooth Boof, NF Payette

I had a great 2012 kayaking season! I was able to defend my Point Series National Champion title, and placed 2nd in the National Championships in freestyle, and also defended my National Champion titles in kayak and canoe slalom racing, but most importantly, I had a blast! I had several personal goals that I met, including running some class 5- rivers and learning some new freestyle tricks like the Felix, as well as some pleasant surprises like learning how to SUP race rivers and winning or placing in those competitions as well!

Tarma Design Kayaker Necklace

I also have continued making earrings and donating the proceeds to American Whitewater and look forward to donating about $300 to them this year, thanks everyone who purchased a pair! This year I also am selling Tarma design jewelry with proceeds going to American Whitewater. If you aren’t familiar with Tarma Designs, ( they make beautiful jewelry from recycled surgical steel and the cords are from recycled plastic bottles. Take a look at their site, I can order anything they have for the price they offer, but $2-$5 of each sale goes to AW-they make excellent Christmas presents!

Sage Looping at Kelly's Whitewater Park

Here is a quick breakdown of my season:


Kern River Festival: 1st in Jr. Women’s Slalom, 1st Jr. Women’s Brush Creek Race


Green River Rodeo: 2nd Jr. Women’s Freestyle
Buena Vista Pro Rodeo: 3rd Jr. Women Freestyle
Buena Vista Pro Rodeo: 1st Jr. Women’s C1


Teva Mountain Games: 1st Jr. Women’s, 7th in Women’s Pro Freestyle
Lyons Outdoor Games: 1st in Jr. Women’s Freestyle, 1st in Jr. Women’s C1 Slalom and Cadet K1 Slalom
FiBark: 3rd in Jr. Women’s Freestyle, Cadet Women’s Age Group National Champ slalom in K1 and C1.
Missoula, Montana: 1st in Jr. Women’s Pro Rodeo
2012 Jr. Women’s National Point Series Champion


Cascade, ID: 1st Jr.’s SUP Race
2nd Jr. Women’s Freestyle National Championship
American River Festival: 1st in Jr. Freestyle and Slalom, 2nd in Women’s Freestyle 1st in Women’s slalom, K1 and C1
1st Jr. Sup downriver
Moke Race: 1st women’s K1 and C1 slalom and 1st SUP downriver

Cleaver boof, NF Feather, Tobin Section

My personal First Descents for 2012:

West Branch of the Feather River, CA, Class 5-
North Fork of the Payette River, ID, Class 5- (Lower 5 Section)
Tobin Section of the North Feather River, CA, class 5- at both release and low flow

I am now 12 and growing like a weed, (5’1 and 100 lbs!) so I am sad to say I have finally grown out of 2 of my favorite boats, the Shooting Star, which has taken me to the top of the podium many times and is an excellent river running playboat, and the Sidekick, which has been a great creek running, boofing machine. I have been in both of these boats since I was 7 years old, and even ran the Grand Canyon in my Sidekick at age 7, but I moved up to the Zen 55 this year and am super excited about its speed and how stable it is, and the boof ability is excellent. I have only spent 1 day in a Rock Star S, but I am super excited about what I may be capable of in such a great playboat! Mine is on the way, so I’m sure I will have some great footage soon.

As always, I am very grateful and want to thank all those who have supported me or helped me through the year! Thank you Jackson Kayak, Kokatat, Snapdragon, WRSI, Keen, Pocketfuel, G-Form, Aloe Gator Skincare,and of course those individuals who have helped in my playboating, slalom and river running, including Colin Kemp and Noah Fraser, (playboating and river running) Brandon Curson and Mike Holroyd (slalom)The Gold Medal Camp instructors ( Rebecca and Eric Giddens, Mike, Alec and Hayden Voorhees, Charlie Guilbault, Roland McNutt, Lance Petrack-Zunich Darin McQouid, Shannamar Dewey and Austin Nickell and my dad for taking me down some of my first descents!

Next year I hope to defend all my titles and and learn some new freestyle tricks such as a McNasty, Spiltwheel, Orbit and Phonix Monkey, as well as paddle some more rivers that I haven’t been on before. But most of all, I plan on having fun on the water!



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