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What do you get when you combine a new Jackson Kayak Journey, new Werner Performance Core paddles, and Sapporo Ichiban Hot & Spicy Chicken ramen noodles? Lots of extra energy!

Led a small group to a remote campsite to watch the Leonid meteor shower. Decided it was the perfect time to take my new JK Journey on her first shakedown paddle. The Journey, Sweet Cheeks and Werner Kalliste (260cm) paddles were a perfect combo. After paddling nine miles to the campsite, I was in very good shape. It felt like my arms, shoulders and core muscles were just getting warmed up. My rear end was feeling great, as there was not a lot of movement while paddling in. The Sweet Cheeks held my rear end in place the entire time and made the paddle very comfortable.

Landed on a very nice camp site, unpacked my Journey and set up the sleeping area. We built a decent-size fire to stay warm. My hammock provided optimal viewing of the nighttime sky. The coyotes were very active after sunset. Other animals, including the Boggy Bottom Monster, were maintaining a low profile.

The sky was clear the entire night. Meteors were entering the atmosphere from all directions and space vehicles were abundant. We elected to stay a second night and set off on our own to explore the area during the daylight hours. The meteor shower produced similar results on the second night. The coyotes were keeping a low profile on the second night, as if they were avoiding detection. Hmmm…

Woke up, packed up, and paddled out using Werner Ikelos (240cm) paddles. Paddled through a maze of trees that would normally be submerged. The Journey’s rudder system worked very well. My Journey maneuvered through the maze of trees, at a reasonable speed, with ease. The Journey maintained a straight line when the wind speed picked up and glided across the waves, as expected. The extra weight of the camping gear gave the Journey additional stability.

The Journey definitely holds true to its name. What more can you ask for?