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If you have paddle the old All-Star and the Rockstar, one think you probably realize is they get the work done. No reason why they have been winning rodeo since their inception.

Love the GoPro mount on the 2013 Allstar

After paddling the two for a while, I came to a conclusion at the end of the summer, that I’m gladly sharing with you:


Love the Rockstar M for small feature!

I love the Rockstar M at smaller spot (specially hole) where it will pop higher and will not hit bottom. On a big wave, it does all the moves and you get big air. Sadly for me, I just can’t seem to have a good surf feeling with the boat. So most of the time, I don’t know when to kick the move (but when I do, it’s so good!), I just don’t feel it right. Probably spending more time in the boat will cure that, but what can I say, I preferred to spend more time on creeks than play these days…


The old All-star give me such a nice feeling when surfing

Has for the All-star series, I’m not sitting has comfortable has the Rockstar, at 5’10″/175pounds in the All-star, I always finish with my knee caps jammed against the plastic. So hitting bottom on small spot make me want to go back to the Rockstar right away. But on a wave, what a feeling, I still remember my first time back at Lachine after skipping it for 2 years. First surf, everything was aerial, vertical and easy, really easy. I just love the feeling you have with this boat.


So my conclusion was that I just love the two boats and I need the Rockstar to enjoy the small holes beside the house but the Allstar give me such a big grind on my face when I hit the big surf in the spring. Why can’t I have a boat with all those qualities!!!

Then came the all-star 2013, I can’t talk to much about it yet, since I only have one cold windy late fall surf session before everything froze out North. The Vague Arcand was at decent level but it is what I call a slow wave, it has a foam pile but the face is not really steep so you don’t have the best acceleration to throw it hard. So you can do almost everything, but you won’t get really huge and it may be frustrating at some points. Fast boats are the best here and it’s a carving paradise.

So my first impression of the AS2013:
– First, with its higher volume, it has a comfort similar to the Rockstar, no more jammed kneecap against plastic. Its a comfy ride. More reasons to spend more time playing next year!
– Then the surf: wow, the feeling I was looking for… first surf, first moment my boat catch the green water. I know I was in the zone, big smile on my face has I was carving, setting up and launching effortless in aerial move. This is what I was looking for last summer. it was my first day in a boat for the last 3 months and the water temperature difference since last time on the water was not the most enjoyable part of my day (barely above freezing, what can I say, when it gets winter time, I’m more into slalom than playboating, keeping my hand and head over water is more fun.


Just for the first two reasons, I’m selling my old All-Star and my Rockstart. I normally keep the old boats has a backup just in case, but not this time.  I’m all Allstar 2013 for next year, oh yeah, it his so good.
This is just a first impressions, but me and this boat will get more intimate in a near future and I’m really looking forward for it cause I know I will have a great time!

Believe me, this is the playboat to start 2013 with!!!



Patrick Levesque