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We finally had the chance to take the Big Tuna down the Sugar River in southern Wisconsin. Andi and I paddled and fished out of the Big Tuna while two friends floated in a canoe. We were fishing mainly for Pike but this river does have the occasional Musky and Brown Trout.

The best part of the Tuna was our ability to float through some really skinny water and the ease of maneuvering it in the current to give the angler the best opportunities at the “fishiest” lies. At one point in the trip my buddy Eric took a stab at casting from the tuna and immediatly hooked up to a couple smallish Northerns.

At 6’2″ Eric is not a small guy but even he was impressed by the stabilty and possibilities the Big Tuna can provide to anglers. Having wade fished this river many times it was really nice to be able to cover a lot of water that always seemed untouchable due to the private land surrounding it. As winter is starting to take hold up here in Wisconsin, we’ll be taking every opportunity left this year to get back out on the water before the snow falls.