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After a month of paddling in Chile on various types of runs, I have been shown just how amazing the Karma really is.

It has much more initial speed than I had anticipated. Even with its speed, it’s super easy to control and very predictable. Without extreme rocker its design still makes it easy to boof and paddle the bow over rocks, holes and other features. I think its one of the easiest if not the easiest kayak to boof compared to all other boats I have paddled. The bow stays up even without a perfect boof.

The biggest surprising factor to me was one of my bigger concerns; how soft does it land? I boofed so many ways and so many different drops. Never once did I hit and think it was hard in any way. I boofed 10 footers, tons of 20 footers, and even a few 30 footers. To be honest, some of the drops there were a few times I thought I was going to have a big hit. Luckily none of them felt that way.

With the extra volume I wanted to see if it wouldn’t plug as nicely on big waterfalls. With 4 laps on the 70 foot waterfall in chile, I always went deeper and had a softer hit than anyone else in our group. I was pleasantly surprised with how soft the landing was. So once I had truly tested the landing of the boat, I realized how much I love the Karma.

The biggest thing I love about the Karma is how much fun it is to paddle. It has the speed and added fun of the zen, which makes you want to mess around on every rapid plus the confidence inspiring features of a full on creek boat. It has everything I want and need in one boat which to me is unbelievable!

If you can take a Karma out at your local dealer! Try to paddle it around as much as you can because once your really in it, you will not want out. Out of every boat we have ever created, I highly recommend you try this boat. Be careful, because you will probably want one.

Another mistake to watch out for is once you have one, lending it out to a friend. I figured that out on my recent trip in chile. Rafa Ortiz tried it for 15 minutes. The next day he walked up to me and said “I’m taking the karma”.  Almost like I didn’t have a say in the matter. He used it all day, and I was never was able to get him out of it. I am more excited and stoked on this boat than I have been on any other boat in a really long time (maybe ever?).

Luckily its raining right now because I can’t wait to get it on the southeast runs!

Check out a quick video of all the awesome times I had in Chile with the Karma! There are a couple clips of everyone else that got a chance to try it! (who all loved it) Check it out and enjoy.