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This year has possibly been one of the greatest years to date for myself. I moved to Canada four years ago with the dream of being able to kayak and snowboard for the rest of my life, a pretty unrealistic dream for most, but especially for an Irish man.  A recent you tube video has been showing up on my face book, recently, a recording of Alan Watts, a philosopher, and he talks of what you would like to do when you grow up. I hadn’t a clue. Most of us want to be happy and have a sweet job that lets us lead a sweet life which ultimately, is hard to achieve.

Leap of faith is one of the nicest waterfalls Alberta has to offer and due to the awesome experience of workingfor the oilfield I managed to get screwed with levels or trip timing allseason. Finally towards the end of the season Mikkel gave me a shout and we allheaded south of Calgary and into the Crowsnest pass area to finally get a tripdown to this awesome river. The Elk is situated in the bush with some of themost awe-inspiring scenery. Our campsite had us perched a top a 100+ ft clifflooking south over the southern landscape and down into the US.

Driving around this area really wakes you
up to the effects of logging in the area. Although the industry boasts of
reclamation and tree management, it still shocks you to see the vast areas that
do get cleared in the name of logging. Although we caught the Elk incredibly
low, we still ran laps on it for the weekend and got some cool shots.
This area is beautiful, and a must to check
out if your around the area.