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It’s dawn on the shore of Lake Powell, AZ, I have the 12 foot+ Jackson Ibis on my shoulder walking down the steep hillside to the water line. I think to myself this boat is way longer than I am used to but it is lighter on my shoulder than I expected. I reach the water and adjust the seat preparing to paddle. This seat adjustments move easily on tight bungee cords locking in each position, so it should fit most anyone and takes hardly any effort to quickly adjust and securely lock into position. The seat is even removable to use on shore – a built in camp chair! I push off from shore and with the first few strokes the bow slices through the water like the beak of the bird it is named for. I quickly realize this is going to be a fast stable boat, perfect for exploring the miles of canyons on Lake Powell. It even has what I call “the trunk”, a yellow fitted dry-bag that mates perfectly with the rear of the Kayak. In this I have room for my GPS, map, hiking shoes, jacket, lunch and even my small camera. It also has a small water tight hatch that is easy to access while on the water. There is still tons of room in the front and back for more gear and other dry-bags. The Ibis was a pleasure to explore the lake. It turned well with a few sweeps of the paddle and would get up and go easily holding it’s speed with little effort. Next year I will return to lake Powell but plan to pack the Ibis with overnight gear and use it to access out of the way slot canyons while camping on beaches all from the comfort of this versatile kayak. If cruising on your local lake or a multi-day adventure in the desert southwest or even on the Great Lakes the Ibis is solid choice! See your local Jackson dealer to give one a try.