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Nick using the Levator GoPro mount by JK- set on .5 second intervals for photos

Taking photos or video of kayaking has never been easier than it is today with the invention of the GoPro camera and mounts that work on helmets, boats, paddles, etc..    There is one angle that is almost never seen and produces the most impressive shots in kayaking, the head level shot from the bow or stern.     Many kayakers have figured out how to make one with lots of effort, cost, and usually some damage to the kayak.     Finally a design that requires no tools, is super versatile, and is truly innovative.    Simply hook the mount on the grab handle, tighten down, and off you go!







Production model has Silver Vertical Tube

Here is a “GoPro How To” video on using the mount for filming:


Check out the GoPro facebook post

For some photos- many  you might have seen recently if you are a friend on my Facebook page:

Notice the Bow mounted position for this shot

To Buy the Levator see your local Jackson Kayak Dealer or

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If you have seen my “Journey of  a Little Man” video I made of KC, I discovered that this mount quickly locks onto your windshield wipers as well getting some cool driving angles… I haven’t really experimented to see how many places I can use this mount besides the bow, stern and swimmer grab handles, but I am sure there are plenty!

As Team JK start getting their mounts, look for lots of new angles and cool shots coming up!   This is a fun toy to play with!

MADE in TN- USA at our Jackson Kayak factory.

See you on the Water!



P.s  This is the first accessory design done my by father, James Jackson.   That is right, another Jackson is now a part of Jackson Kayak.    Jim Jackson (known as Dad) has spent the past 20 years working as a design engineer directly under Dean Kamen of Deka.   Before that designing copy machines and before that for 20 years, at Piper Aircraft as an advanced design engineer.    Now, he works as a designer at Jackson Kayak and this is just one example of his innovative style!  Small, simple, lightweight, but super effective and easy to use!  Thanks Dad!!