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“What. . . you’re taking more time off?”

I am pretty sure I heard the above sentence from just about everyone this year. Patients, family, boss, bosses boss, friends, strangers, and I think the fat homeless guy down the street. Apparently I took a lot of time off. So. . . what happened this past year? What did I do? How did it happen? Where did it go?!?!?!

The year 2012 started at midnight with me in the car, blaring amazing 90’s hip hop, driving around Reno trying to prevent Sera dog from having a large heart attack from all the fireworks. Welcome to the New Year, Jessica!!!! It can only get better, and it did. I spent the next couple days in Guatemala attempting to learn how to surf. Several beatings later I still wasn’t a pro, but I came home with a great January tan. I also participated in my very first 24 hour mountain bike race (with a 5th place finish) and spent lots of time snowboarding all over Tahoe and Mammoth Lakes. There were also mountain bike trips to Boise, Fruita, Bend, and Las Vegas, the Tough Mudder, and Burning Man.

Wait. . . I am missing something. Oh yeah, kayaking. There was a LOT of kayaking. Just the way I like it. Winter boating was a little interesting this year. We didn’t have a ton of snow and rain, however we did get a lot of wind. Wind in Reno mean waves on Tahoe, and waves on Tahoe mean scary fun. The waves are big, steep, unpredictable, and usually crash on a beach of huge granite boulders. So much fun!!!

Spring brought a couple great weeks at the whitewater park and in Downieville on the N Yuba and Pauley Creek. Spring/summer is also the competition season, and living in the Big Red Van season. I had to put in some hours at work, so I was only able to do 4 comps this year, but they were good ones. Green River, Buena Vista, Reno River Festival, and nationals in Cascade, ID. Highlights included a 2nd place finish at Green River and a 2nd place at Reno. I also tried my hand at slalom in Reno. I came in 3rd, but. . . never mind. This summer I also got a chance to run the Selway River in ID. Four days in the middle of nowhere with amazing whitewater and some of my favorite people. Hooked on multi-day trips.

Fall boating involved trips to the ocean to surf waves, and fish flow runs on Tobin. Now it is almost 2013, and somehow I survived the apocalypse. Who knows what will happen this year . . who knows what will happen next week?!?! Well, actually next week is self supporting the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River. But beyond that. . .???


Over and Out
Jessica Yurtinus