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I just received my brand spankin’ slick new Karma Large. There are lots of great reviews discussing the amazing stability and speed, but I wanted to mention the new outfitting. For comparison, I have my old Villain. Of note, both the Karmas and new Villains come with the improved outfitting.

The basic lay-out has remained the same, which keeps the outfitting extremely adjustable, simple and repairable if necessary. All of the compressible aspects of the ‘Boat Armor’ bulkhead are intact, which is invaluable in the event of a piton (speaking from vast experience). I love the rope cleats and in all my years of boating with Jackson, I have never had one unexpectedly release. Jackson boats remain the driest on the market since there are no holes drilled through the hull.

The major change is the removal of the mid-line support beam. In its place is a bulkhead tract. The seat screws into the tract, removing the slippage that could occur in the old design. The tract also snugly accommodates a water bottle and throw rope, which is something that could not be said for the prior outfitting. Simple changes, but vastly improved creature comforts.

I’ll be seeing you soon with some photos from the PacNW!