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Rangitata Gorge is a sweet class 4-4+ run located by Mt Peel, on the east coast of the south island.

Last year some of my paddling mates (Aidan Haig, Paddy Brand) and I ventured out for the day to add this one to our books. After a long drive we finally made it to the put in. Out in the middle of someones farm. Something special about this river is it works oppositely to most river here which come to a main flow from many of the side creeks, goes through a gorge, then braids out as it gets closer to the ocean. Instead this run starts out as a braided river then all connects together to enter a gorge. This meant a descent flat water start to warm us up before we entered the gorge which was full of lots of whitewater brilliance as the river got steeper and narrower!
Here’s a quick edit of up journey through the Rangitata Gorge!


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Courtney Kerin