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Results: JK Karma takes the Lead with Dane in it! One more Race to go, and its 20 minutes long! Best of Luck to Dane to who will be facing two very consistent fast paddlers: Isaac and Eric Deguil. Isaac is an ex slalom paddler who retired from Slalom only this year, while Eric paddled Slalom in the early 2000’s! Its going to be a tight race and best of luck to all the paddlers racing. We are very proud of all our athletes for facing the extreme whitewater and giving it their best regardless of results!


Good Luck JK Team Members in the final leg: Joel Kowalski, Rafa Ortiz, and Dane Jackson.

1st Place: Dane Jackson (USA)
2nd Place: Eric Deguil (FRA)
3rd Place: Adrian Kiernan (AUS)
4th Place: Evan Garcia (USA)
5th Place: Isaac Levinson (USA)
6th Place: Todd Wells (USA)
7th Place: Anton Immler (SWE)
8th Place: Michele Ramazza (ITA)
9th Place: Galen Volckhausen (USA)
10th Place: Marcos Gallegos (CHL)
11th Place: Momo Castillo (CHL)
12th Place: Geoff Calhoun (USA)
13th Place: Joel Kowalski (CAN)
14th Place: Lorenzo Andrade Astorga (CHL)
15th Place: Jakub Nemec (CZE)
16th Place: Jared Seiler (USA)
17th Place: Ben Marr (CAN)
18th Place: Dag Sandvik (NOR)
19th Place: Rafa Ortiz (MEX)
20th Place: Fred Norquist (USA)
21st Place: Rush Sturges (USA)
22nd Place: Daniel Rondón (PER)

1st Place: Katrina Van Wijk (CAN)
2nd Place: Martina Wegman (NLD)
3rd Place: Nouria Newman (FRA)
4th Place: Lu Urwin (NZL)
5th Place: Nicole Mansfield (USA)
6th Place: Natalie Anderson (USA)

7th Place: Louise Jull (NZL)