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Zen 75 Update: Bringing mind and body together with comfort, convenience, and speed

Now that I’ve put lots of time on my Zen 75, here’s what I’ve learned since the above review. It’s addressed particularly to beginners and oldsters. In short, this is one versatile boat, plain and simple. Why?

Stability and comfort are two biggies which I described in my original review. But what I didn’t know at the time was how handy this boat is for any kind of paddling. It goes everywhere with me so I can plop into any flatwater I choose. I call this “puddling” and it’s a super way to get in a couple of hours of fitness, de-stressing and arthritis therapy, no matter where you are. This does wonders for the physical and mental rustiness of advanced age and is a great way to stay in shape for anyone.

Puddling you say? Isn’t the Zen supposed to be a whitewater boat? Perhaps, but it can be amazingly fun on flatwater because it tracks so well and is very fast for such a short boat. It’s quite the pocket rocket when you paddle it right.

The Zen is so light, short, and easy to get on and off my truck top that I have no trouble carrying it to and from any water despite age, arthritis, and a bum ankle.

Being comfortable in a kayak is important to us oldsters. In my Zen, stiffness or other discomforts never intrude on pleasure. A couple of hours in this boat do wonders for an aging body and mind.