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Date: NYD, 2013. Time: 15:35:00 MST. Place: Shoshone Rapids, Colorado River. Temperature: positive 11.

Two Colorado Paddlers, JK Team member Peter Holcombe and Pat Brown, set out to bag the Speed Record for Fastest Kayak on a Launch ramp. See the results in this video. These Karmas were kindly supplied by JK’s Marty Cronin and were box stock–no modifications for extra speed.


The drivers were refueled with equal portions of Polar Chili and Dogs courtesy of Sonia Cronin.

The drivers had so much fun they spent over an hour covering Shoshone, a river section less than 2 miles long. At the takeout they were covered with an inch of ice, but smiling warmly and hooting loudly.

The Karma proved itself to be not only real fast on snow, but an very playful iceboat. Reported by Butler Cox