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Adam Chappell 2012 year!

I’m writing this from the back of a truck in a parking lot so I’m going to make this quick!
I’m going to stay quickly by start my boats of choice for my 2013 year will be the Rock Star M for freestyke, And the large Hero for creeking! YES I KNOW what your thinking Hero for Creeking are you crazy and my answer is YES! since the 2013 All Star is a little large for me i wont be using it every day but belive me its my boat of choice for Bus Eater and big ocean waves and when ever i just want to fly!

2012 was a big year for me. I have done a lot of kayaking and lots of working. My kayaking season never ends; paddling in -20 weather all winter long to stay in shape for the spring flood. This year when spring came around the Ottawa was up to flood levels. We had a few weeks of Buseater that I had a chance to ride daily, as well as, my all time favorite wave Champlain in down town Ottawa.

Soon after, the Ottawa River dropped off to summer low water but I didn’t stick around for that. I headed off to Colorado for some of the Colorado tour events. Sadly, I was late arriving for some of the events but I had the chance to view the 2012 Teva mountain games freestyle in Vail, Colorado, as well as, compete in the Lyons games. Also, I had a chance to travel across to Reno, Nevada to compete in the Reno River Festival. All these events were very fun and I was surrounded by my friends and fellow kayakers; witch is always great times. Before returning home, I traveled to California and spent a few weeks by the cost paddling ocean waves and relaxing in the sun.

Soon after, I was returning home to the 2012 Canadian Team Trials on the Gull River. Since I started kayaking, I always had my eyes on being the Canadian champion. Well, I guess this year my hard work and determination paid off and I finally got to my goal of being the Canadian National Champion, taking first at the gull river. But good old Billy Harris didn’t go down without a fight!
After team trials, I went off to Tennessee for the World’s Cup and that’s where my season went downhill. I came down with a virus that ended my season and affected me for months. I just recently got better but I missed the final event in NOC and struggled with the other events feeling very sick and dizzy throughout my time competing.
Not wanting to end the year on a bad note, I quit my job wiring fire trucks and handling explosives and I traveled down to California to enjoy time with my girl, surfing the ocean, the sunny weather, and checking out collages!
Over all, it was a great year of kayaking, let’s see were 2013 takes me!
OH YAAAA! Watch out for me in the 2013 World Championships il be there in force!
– 1st in Canadian Team Trials
– 4th Rock Island World Cup
– 2nd Reno River Fest
– 17th Pigeon River World Cup
– 7th Lyons Games

Goals for this year:
– Make finals in the 2013 world championships
– Go to collage
– Attend all the Colorado competitions
– Win the level 6 cup

Heres a video clip of one of my team trials rides! Enjoy!