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For an optimal training and learning environment, no matter what your skill level, come paddle with me here at the Chattahoochee River in Columbus, GA.  There is something for everyone!  I’ve paddled the Chattahoochee for many years, and the changes that are being made are incredible!  During the past year, this amazing river has been under construction to become the longest urban 2.5mile whitewater course in the world.  If you’re a play boater then this river is a paradise for you!  A normal day for me on the water includes an awesome feature, great for every hole trick in the book. When the bottom pool fills up and the feature washes, I go up above the biggest rapid on the river, Cutbait, where two big waves stand.  These back to back waves, “Clicket-or-Ticket” and “Interstate” are about 6 to 10 foot standing waves (depending on the flow) and are perfect for almost every trick performed on a wave!  To top it all off you can go big and take your chances on punching one of the biggest holes in the South East, “Cutbait hole”.  The rapid is named Cutbait for a reason, so scout it out before charging down blindly.

Cutbait Rapid

Clicket-Or-Ticket Wave

Changes are occurring frequently and the next upgrades planned are to breech two dams which will direct the water to the wave-shaper and alter the river flow upstream. I’ve been watching the progress on the wave-shaper since they started construction and I’m excited for its scheduled completion, March 2013.  The river has a constant 800 cfs at a non-release time.  All the water will be diverted 24/7 to the wave-shaper creating an awesome play spot.  It will be the perfect park and play for practicing. I’m hoping to see lots of world class competitions here in the future.

Chattahoochee Wave-Shaper

This is all just the beginning; The Chattahoochee also has great fishing from what I’ve seen and heard, so fishermen come and check it out as well! The river happens to run right in the middle of Columbus, GA where there are exceptional places to eat and chill once you get off the water.  For non-paddlers, the river walk provides miles of scenic paths to walk or bike ride.   I also left out that the river typically releases EVERYDAY! This write up is written for an 8k flow, but there’s always something to do at higher or lower flows. Check out the Columbus, GA Convention & Visitors Bureau video below:




Come paddle with me at the Chattahoochee and I think you’ll be happy with what it has to offer. Good for your best boaters and also for you guys just starting. If you want to try out one of the various Jackson boats you can demo one for the day at The Outside World in downtown Columbus. My personal favorite is the 2013 STAR; awesome for river running, smooth on a wave and lots of air in a hole!

Let's Paddle!