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My favorite aspect of Jackson Kayak fishing boats is that our boats are purpose built, made to fish from the moment they leave the factory. I will admit that I am not one for modding out or intense customization of my boats. I love to simply strap it up, drive to the river, and drop and go. The Coosa has every fishing feature I need built into it from the factory. Two flush mounts accompanied by numerous rod lash-down points along the gunnels lets you stow away a handful of rods without buying parts, drilling holes, and spending hours in the shop. The floor pan under the seat perfectly holds two large Plano boxes; no crate, gear bag or tackle trap necessary. Finally, between the dry hatch and the JK seat bag, there are plenty of places to keept valuables and extra gear. I fish Spartan and I like my boats built Spartan. JK fishing boats fit my hectic work schedule where fishing days are rarely planned ahead of time and can come at a moments notice. I shot this video while traveling with my wife and family. I had a couple of hours and a JK fishing boat strapped to my car; my JK is made for some spur of the moment bassin.