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Had the pleasure of working the Houston Boat show, with Fishing Tackle Unlimited this past weekend. Fishing Tackle Unlimited had a very nice display setup for the Jackson Kayak line. The staff is headed up by Camille Null and is top notch, every one on her staff is very knowledgeable on both kayaks and kayak fishing.

The fishing tackle Unlimited booth had a lot of traffic, was suprized at the crowds for this early in year. Was a lot of interest in the Jackson Kayak Line, Coosa, Cuda 12, Cuda 14, Big Tuna and the SuperFishal. The Cuda 14 Glow setup along the main isle was a hit, the staff placed some lighting in the kayak to show what it looked like at night. Great conversation piece and a lot of interest as well.

The Cuda’s are a great choice for inshore fishing, (inshore saltwater, Red Fish) due to the fact of the distances you need to cover to get to the fish. The Superfishal is a good choice for site fishing, you can sneak up on the fish.

But as always you have different interest in the types of fishing with people at these shows. The Coosa is a good fit for the river and protected areas, while the Big Tuna with 2 seats is a great choice for guide and taking out the family fishing. The bait tank on the Big Tuna is a extremely nice feature as well.

As always meet a lot of great folks and made many new friends. Looking forward to working with Camille and her folks again this year at the next event! Here are some photos of the Fishing tackle unlimited staff and the setup in the booth for Jackson Kayak’s.