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Jackson Kayak Spoof Kayak Fishing AdA couple years ago I was watching the Super Bowl and was intrigued by the new trend in commercials that, in the DVR age, were now focused on entertaining you so that you will watch them.  The majority of them you had no clue what the commercial was selling, or what brand, until the very end after the “punch line” so to speak.  Watch any YouTube compilation of the best commercials and you’ll see that nearly ALL of them use humor and at least 50% of them you only find out what they’re selling during the last 10 seconds.  So, when I was asked to make a 30-second TV commercial for the Fishing University show (Outdoor Channel) we’re appearing on this year I immediately knew I had to come up with a funny “spoof.”  This idea had crossed my mind a year or two earlier and I got my friend Dan Mullane and JK team member Brooks Beatty to be the cheesy guys in the shoot and I went out and shot it, the best I could visualize it in my head, and this is how it turned out!

This is the extended version for YouTube