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Jeff West makes a big punch on the North Fork Payette during his final vertical mile.

Jeff in the whiteout of Idaho, getting ready for the Stikine. Below he is about to launch off the famous swinging bridge to complete a last run of the day on the meat of the run, Jacob’s Ladder, which finalized the vertical mile. ..

Jeff and Brian Ward, sunny-side up at Jake’s place and happy!

Jeff West takes off for another Vertical Mile on the Little White Salmon…

Jeff and Seth Swallen completed  10 laps on June 6th, 2012, breaking the previous record of 9 in a single day. As typical with vertical miles, the alarm went off at 3:45 am, and the first lap was at 5 am. They finished at 8:45 pm.


So for those who aren’t aware of the details of Jeff’s pursuits, here’s a final talley of his vertical miles:

9 vertical miles in all; 8 on Class V:

Tellico River: 21 Ledges laps
West Prong: 6 full laps
Suck Creek: 15 laps (running Knucklehead 10 times)
Oh-Be-Joyful: 17 full laps (through Avalanche to bottom)
Bear Creek: 7 laps (Stairway every lap)
Green Narrows: 11 laps (Triple Crown every lap)
Green Truss: 9 laps
Little White Salmon: 10 laps
North Fork Payette: 3 top to bottom laps + Jacob’s Ladder 5 times

4 time TVF Champion
Eddyflower: 1st place; Class V division

Grand Canyon 7 times; once in 5 days
Cataract Canyon 4  times

Grand Canyon of the Stikine in a single day


-thanks to Jen Maxwell for photos!