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Not one to be thrilled about being cold, I find myself intrigued by the fact that I my hind end was in a surf ski.  Today.  In January.  Obviously someone forgot to tell me that it’s smack dab in the middle of winter here in the southeast.  Truth be told, though, it’s more likely that I chose not to take note that it’s smack dab in the middle of winter right now in the southeast…   What was I thinking, you ask?? Well, when ya get that one figured out, would ya be kind enough to clue me in?!  Thanks!


So, getting back to the topic at hand…  I was actually on the water of my own volition, so I have no one but myself to blame that I wasn’t in my Boat-O’-Choice: the Journey.  I even had a witness to the deed: Kat (Levitt) wouldn’t have missed being on the river with me today for anything.  I mean come on, folks… where else could she find such a wealth of humor to last her the year long, particularly since she was paddling my Journey!!


Despite the fact that I WAS wearing a dry suit, I can’t tell you how many times I looked longingly over at my beautiful, stable, WARM Journey, and thought of the many miles that that boat and I have shared thus far, both over land and over water; how many camping trips we’ve shared; how many states we’ve seen together… <HUGE sigh> Seriously, I can stand up on the coaming of my Journey and paddle, and the best I could do in that needle of a boat I was in today is wonder when (not if!) I’m going to get to put the dry suit to the test.  Pining for that fantastic initial AND secondary stability, the nimble and maneuverable nature of the boat itself, and the uber comfy, DRY cockpit of the Journey, it was all I could do to not ditch my boat, swim over and commandeer my Journey back from Kat!  Heck, at that point I’d even have dumped AG out of her Villain, and I’m not even particularly fond of whitewater!  (Alexis Grace – in her Villain – was the other witness/collector of humor today.) Oh yeah, and I’m pretty sure I planned no less than a half a dozen camping trips for my Journey and me in my head during my time on the water today, too!


So what am I looking forward to now?  Seriously??  You have to ask?!  Tomorrow I shall paddle my Journey!!